Thursday, 10 August 2017


Wednesday 27th September 2017 at the Episkopi Garrison Gun (EGG) Club Ground
The Championships will consist of a 100 bird English Sporting shoot conducted over ten or more stands. 
Categories.  There will be the following Categories of entry:
a.                   Service.  Open to any member of the UK Armed Forces including those with UNFICYP.  There will be separate awards for BFC personnel and non-BFC personnel.
b.                   UKBC/UKD.  Open to any UK Based Civilian employed by British Forces Cyprus or UNFICYP or UK Dependant of any UK Armed Forces personnel or UKBC based in Cyprus.
c.                   Service Veteran.  Open to any UK Armed Forces Veteran.
d.                   Open.  This covers all the above Categories of entry as well as any other competitor not entitled to such status, such as Ex Pat members of the Ayios Nikalaos and Episkopi Gun Clubs.

Classes.  Dependant on the number entries there will be prizes in each of the above Categories as well as for the following Classes in the Open classification:
a.                   Junior.  Open to competitors under the age of 21 on the day of the competition.
b.                   Lady.  Open to any female competitor.
c.                   Veteran.  Open to competitors aged between 55 and 64 on the day of the competition.
d.                   Super Veteran.  Open to competitors over the age of 65 on the day of the competition.
Teams.  There will also be team prizes in the Service classification.  Teams are to consist of 3 firers drawn from the same unit.  There will be a separate team competitions for non-unit teams in the UKBC/UKD, Service Veteran and Open categories.
 Entry Fees.  Individual Entry Fees are €30 for the Championship, not including cartridges.  Boxes of 25 cartridges of 21g, 24g or 28g in a variety of shot sizes between 7½ and 9½ can be purchased for €5 per box from Registration at the EGG Club on the day.  Team Entry Fees are an additional €10 per team.  i.e. the total entry fees for a team of 3 would be €100.
Registration and Shooting Programme.  Registration at the ground will be open from 0800 hours with shooting commencing at 1000 hours.  As far as possible all competitors will be out on the ground at the same time.  The shooting programme is due to finish by No Later Than 1400 hours with prize giving as soon as possible after shooting finishes.

Food and Drink.  Union Snax will be on-site to provide hot food (hot dogs, burgers< bratwurst & bacon rolls) as well as drinks.

Closing date for entry is Wednesday 20th Sep

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