Thursday, 19 October 2017

Cinema Listings for K Cineplex Strovolos

Youth Club

Youth Club is taking a break for half term and will return on November 1st

Youth Club Every Wednesday 
in the Community Centre.

All children aged 6+ and adults who would like to volunteer are invited to come along.

Technical Issues at Nicosia HIVE

Please be aware that Nicosia HIVE is experiencing technical difficulties and as a result cannot send or receive E-mails.

Nicosia HIVE Closed

Nicosia HIVE will be closed on 
Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th and 
will re-open on 26th October.
This is due to staff leave.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


You can use your own shoe boxes if required (medium sized) Wrap the box and lid separately in Christmas wrapping paper. Attach the appropriate girl or boy label  and select the age category.   Attach the label to the top of the shoe box.

Fill the shoebox with selection of fun toys, hygiene items and school supplies. If possible, fill with one or two special items you know a child will love such as a doll, cuddly toy or deflated football with pump.

Refer to the ideas sheet and also ensure the ‘Items to Avoid’ or the package will not be sent.

There is an option to include a ‘All about me!’ sheet so children from the base can tell a child who receives it all about themselves and what they like.

Follow your shoe box.  There is an option to donate £5 per shoe box for project costs, (including shipping costs) and in return for this you will be advised where your shoe box is sent.  If they do wish to do this then donate online      Print the barcode and place the barcode in the box on top of the contents and put an elastic band around the box.  Your barcode will be scanned and  in January you will receive an email to confirm where the box has been sent to,

Dress Sale and Pamper Night in Dhekelia

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Halloween at Bookyard, Nicosia

Traditional Christmas Market,Forest Beach, Dhekelia Road, Larnaca. 1st &2nd December!!!

This years Traditional Christmas Market will be back on the 1st & 2nd December, 5pm - 9pm

This year it will be a Woodland Christmas Market, in an Enchanted Forest set back from the main Dhekelia Road (close to Masalas Indian Restaurant and Vlachos Tavern)

120 stalls selling beautiful gifts, Christmas decorations and festive delights!
Mulled Wine, German Sausages and Turkey Sandwiches will be served. 
Snacks, soft drinks, beer and wine will also be available.

Santa will be found in his Grotto in the centre of the forest by following the lights through the twinkling trees. He'll be giving out gifts to the children, who can also enjoy decorating there own tree ornaments, write a letter to Santa and enjoy the bouncy castle.

*** New Location*** in the forest, Forest Beach, Dhekelia Road, Larnaca.

€1 entrance for adults, children are free.
Lots of parking available.

Woodland Christmas Market

Nicosia Street Quest 24/10/17

The next NICOSIA STREET QUEST will be held on 
Tuesday 24th October 2017

WHERE: Registration, start and finish at Centre of Visual Arts and Research (CVAR), Ermou Street, Old Nicosia.
WHEN: Wednesday 24th October 2017 between 1900 hrs and 2000 hrs.
WHAT TO BRING: A pen to write down your answers and €2 entry fee.

Event 7 in the 2017 NICOSIA STREET QUEST series will be held, on Tuesday 24th October 2017, from CVAR. Registration opens at 1845 hrs and closes at 1945 hrs. Start times will be available any time between 1900 hrs and 2000 hrs. The course closes at 2115 hrs. Entry fees are €2 per person. Maps and question sheets will be provided at the start.

Your “Quest” is to navigate to up to 21 location points on the map of Nicosia (within the city walls) and answer a simple, non-cryptic question at each location (eg – what is the colour of the door at number 18? How many mannequins in the shop window?). Each question is worth either 10, 20 or 30 points. There will be a BONUS Question at each event. The time allowed is 60 minutes. There will be 5 penalty point for every minute late back. So make sure you are back within an hour from your start time. 

You will need a pen to mark your answers on the question sheet. You are advised to wear comfortable walking/running shoes and light coloured clothing (ideally reflective) for extra visibility. A small torch may be useful to assist your eyesight when reading the map. Electronic timing will be used. Individuals and teams of up to four people will be permitted. Points will be shared equally among team members. Children under twelve must be accompanied by an adult. All participants take part at their own risk. The organsier’s decisions are final. For more information please check out our Facebook page or call 99413479. 

We are very grateful to CVAR for permission to use their premises and hope everyone will stay behind afterwards for a social chat and try out the refreshments at Balthazar CafĂ©. 

Free Entry at Fasouri Water Park 22/10/17