Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Queen Etherburga's School Open Day

For more information please check out their website:

Research Study offering Cash for interviews

Kings College London is investigating the impact of military life on relationships and is funded by Forces in Mind Trust.

Monday, 16 April 2018

Moving Soon?

Pop in to Nicosia HIVE for information on your new location.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

BFC Community Learning programme

Click here for the BFC Community Learning programme in the HIVE

Registration will take place between 16th- 27th Apr 18 at each of the respective locations.

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Spring Fayre @ St Paul's Cathedral, 28/04/18

Saint Pauls Spring Fayre 

will be held on 

Saturday 28th April 2018. 11am to 3pm

There will be games, food and fun.

Thursday, 22 March 2018

Water Saving Week 2018 top five tips

 1.     Check if you've got a leaky loo. A toilet leaking clean water from the cistern to the pan can waste up to 400 litres of water a day (that's five full bath tubs) and add around £300 a year to your water bill​ if left unfixed.

2.     Keep your shower short and sweet! A four minute shower is plenty long enough, and cutting time down means you save energy as well as water. Click here for more shower tips, and to find out what kind of water user you are.

3.     Fill your washing machine to the brim. Clothes washing now accounts for 15% of water we use in our homes, so put a few extra shirts in to make the most of your load.

4.     Use your dual flush properly! The smaller button gives a little flush, suitable for pee. Only use the bigger flush when you need to.

5.     Fridge it! Putting a large bottle of tap water in the fridge will ensure you can have chilled water all the time. Waiting for the tap to run cold can waste more than 10L of tap water a day.

Recycling Rubbish Collection

All families on the BRS MQ patch are to note the next Recycling Rubbish Bin Collection date will take place on the following date:

Thursday 4th April 2018.
Please note:

Recycling rubbish bin collection takes place every 2 weeks therefore please do not place your recycling rubbish outside until the previous evening of the date due for collection.

Chronos Travel Latest Travel Deals.

Short Tours/Packages
For Information on the below listed Click Here!
-          Short breaks nearby destinations – 2 nights
-          Highlights of Israel – 3 nights
-          Egypt Highlights (Cairo & Nile Cruise) – 6 nights
-          Nile Cruise – 7 nights
-          Lebanon Highlights – 3 nights
-          Visit Petra special offer – 2 nights
-          China Highlights – 7 nights
-          Classical Vietnam – 11 days
-          Indonesia /Bali – 7 nights
-          Thailand Phuket and Krabi – 7 nights
-          Indian Experience Tour – 7 nights
-          Kenya Masai Mara Safari – 7 days

Reduction of 5% offered for bookings originating from the Hive applicable to British Forces, UN Personnel and their families /friends.
Please inform personnel to mention Hive /British Forces so we can apply the reduction.
(Doesn’t apply for specific special offers which are already reduced marked “Special Offer”)

As explained I am currently awaiting new details to update the Jordan flyers which should result in reduced overall package cost.
Please note that Jordan package as well as some of the other packages offered include many components of land arrangements as well such as private guided tours, entrance fees, all transportation with driver etc.

Currently awaiting news for the cruises out of Limassol which start in June till October (summer season only). Will forward as soon as ready. There is only 1 ship that sails out of Limassol for the Cyprus market.

For any other cruise enquiries there are 3 & 4 day cruises and 7 day cruises out of Piraeus port near Athens, Greece which can be booked from now to the Greek Islands & Turkey
See link

Tours in Cyprus
Can be arranged, which are shared with other English speakers out of Limassol and Larnaca and Ayla Napa/Protegra’s areas
See link below for prices:

Tours descriptions out of Limassol see link:
and also attachment

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Forces Mutual, Army v Navy 2018 Free Prize Draw.

Unwanted Items Collection, 27/04/18.

A Collection of unwanted item is being made for Refugees at the Community Centre.
All items can be dropped at the community centre before April 27th.